Why Us?

Athlete + Artist = Dancer

Dance is about so much more than pointing your toes!  At Center Stage we help our dancers develop as individuals physically, artistically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.  Our faculty strives to provide a high quality dance education while fostering a fun and family-friendly atmosphere.  We want to inspire our dancers and make their classes the highlight of their week!  You can count on our faculty and staff to share our love of dance and joy of teaching every time you come through our front door.  We provide a disciplined, yet supportive and positive environment that will help your dancer reach his or her full potential.

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What can you expect when you enroll your dancer with us?

You can expect to see your dancer’s artistic skills grow through his/her self-expression, creativity and musicality.  Emotionally your dancer will gain confidence, determination, commitment and the joys of accomplishment.  They will learn camaraderie, responsibility, respect for others, teamwork and tolerance.
Center Stage dancers join an artistic family where they develop enduring friendships and nurture a passion for the arts. As a member of the Center Stage community your dancer will enhance their core values of confidence, self-esteem, teamwork, commitment and respect.  Dance will help fine tune these lifelong values in your dancer’s everyday life, school, work, and community.


Our Studio

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Center Stage Dance Studio