No Hidden Fees

Fees and Payment Options:

There are No Hidden Costs at Center Stage. We want you to have the ability to calculate everything you will be responsible for the year so there won't be any surprises. Note: this does not include optional events such as competition, special performances in Disney or similar, or private lessons.

There are five primary sources of financial obligations to consider when enrolling at Center Stage:

A. Tuition

B. Registration Fee

C. Recital Fees

D. Nutcracker Fees

E. Dance Uniforms and Shoes

A. Tuition Fee:

Tuition is due on the first of each month.

Tuition Payment Options: There are two payment options for tuition:

Option 1: Pre-pay Annual Tuition:

First month (September) will be charged  on 9/7/24. Yearly payment balance will be charged to your card on October 1st and will include tuition fees for October through May (plus a partial payment due on June 1st) minus a 10% annual discount (which includes September). Please make your selection on your student's information page no later than September 20th if you would like to take advantage of the discount. Your annual tuition amount less the discount will be input into your Studio Director portal. This option can be paid by cash/check/debit card (by 9/28) or the credit card on file will be processed 10/1/24.

Option 2: Monthly Tuition Payments:

Tuition is automatically deducted from your credit or debit card on file. The first payment is due on 9/7/24 and all other payments will be automatically processed on the 1st of each month from October through May (plus a partial payment due on June 1st). You must maintain an active debit or credit card on file in Studio Director.

B. Registration Fee:

There is a $35.00 annual registration fee per family due at registration. Your registration will be automatically canceled if payment is not processed.

C. Recital Fees: Costume Agreement and Payment Options:

In addition to monthly tuition, each family will be assessed a Recital Fee which includes the price of costumes for each dance your child will perform in during the May recital, new tights, a T-Shirt to be worn in the finale, a video download of the recital, and new female students will also need a hairpiece. These fees are non-negotiable.

In November we will begin ordering costumes for each class/discipline your child is enrolled in.  The price per costume is $90 for dancers in a combo class and $95 for older students. Tights are $12 for footed tights, $15 for transition/stirrup/footless tights, and $26 for bodysuits (worn by the Excel team). The finale t-shirt is $20.  New female students will also need a hairpiece to be worn with their bun during the show at the price of $12. This is a one time purchase and is worn for future years. The Recital Fee also includes a video download fee per family of our Recital.
Each family can purchase tickets to the Spring recital at a cost of $25 each plus taxes and fees added by the online ticketing company. We will reserve 2 tickets per family before tickets go on sale, however it is your responsibility to log in and purchase those on 5/4/25. The sale of these tickets helps cover the rental fee for the auditorium and other costs associated with producing our great end of the year performance. A link and further information will be sent in the Spring regarding how/where to purchase your recital tickets. We will no longer be including the cost of tickets in the recital fees, all tickets will be purchased online.

Recital Fee Payment Options:

Please choose one of the following Recital Fee payment options on your student's information page by October 15th and your online account will be updated with charges accordingly.

Option 1: One time payment - 100% of the recital bill to be paid by November 15th at a discount of 5%. Cash/check/debit card can be used in person at the front desk by 11/8/24 or credit cards on file in Studio director will be processed on 11/15/24. Families who choose this option are also entered into a drawing to have 2 of their purchased recital tickets upgraded to Reserved Front Row Seating!

Option 2: Four Equal Payments - Your bill will be broken down into 4 equal  payments as follows:

Only debit or credit cards accepted, payments will be automatically processed with your card on file in Studio Director on the dates below.

1. 25% due on November 15th, 2024

2. 25% due on December 15th, 2024

3. 25% due on January 15th, 2025

4. 25% due on February 15th, 2025

As always, no costumes or other recital purchases will be given until 100% of all balances are up to date.  NO exceptions will be made.

D. Nutcracker Fees: Applicable for the 24-25 season

The studio performs the Nutcracker every other year and 2024 is a Nutcracker year. This fun community building holiday performance involves every student. Unlike the May performance, the dancers will rent the costumes they will wear in this show. This helps to keep the costs down for our families and makes things easier to organize. The rental fee covers the cost of dry cleaning each costume which we must do per the board of health each time it is worn. The rental fee is $35 for each costume your child will be wearing. This $35 fee will automatically be processed to your account once costumes/dances have been determined for each class. There is not a rental fee for our 3/4 and 4/5 year old combo classes who wear their own holiday attire. Costumes will be given out in December.

E. Dance Uniforms/Shoes:

Please see the Dress Code section on our website ( for specific guidelines about class attire expectations. Everything in the Center Stage dress code should be purchased at the Dance Boutique from Denise upstairs at the studio.

1. CS Dance Boutique info and hours can be found on our website

2. Pointe Shoes: For those of you who are done growing and know what shoe you need to purchase, you can go directly to the Capezio or Bloch website or even to Discount Dance and order what you need. For everyone else who still needs official fittings you should contact the Capezio Store in Wellesley

Tuition Rates

Our tuition is billed monthly September through May (plus a partial payment due on June 1st). Monthly tuition is calculated based on age group and the length of each weekly session.

3/4 & 4/5 year old Ballet/Tap Combo ~ 1 hour ~ $62
5/6 & 7/8 year old Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo ~ 1.5 hours ~ $87
Petite Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo ~ 2 hours ~ $132
Tap/Jazz Combo ~ 1.5 hours ~ $92
Tumbling/ Hip Hop ~ 45 minutes ~ $52
Acro ~ 1 hour ~ $72
Musical Theatre ~ 1 hour ~ $72
Hip Hop ~ 1 hour ~ $72
Contemporary ~ 1 hour ~ $72
Excel ~ 3 hours ~ $92
Excel Tap/Jazz Combo ~ 2 hours ~ $97
Ballet ~ 1 hour ~ $72
Ballet ~ 1.25 hours ~ $82
Ballet ~ 1.5 - 1.75 hours ~ $92
Ballet Boost ~ 1 hour ~ $52 (This class does not qualify for the multiclass discount)

Tuition discounts:

Students enrolled in 3 classes will receive a 10% discount on the 3rd class, and 20% off any additional classes. Excel and Ballet Boost are excluded from these discounts.
Maximum monthly tuition is capped at $400 per student.

Sibling discounts:

Second child receives $15 discount per month.
Third/fourth child receives 50% discount per month.