Dance Class Descriptions

3/4 Year Old Ballet and Tap Combo Class

This class is creative and fun!  It is a great way to get your dancer introduced to the joys of movement and music.  Basic coordination, stretching, and dance skills develop all while your dancer explores and has fun. The tap portion of the class Introduces rhythm and basic steps to get the kids started in the world of tap!  This is a one hour class and dancers will perform one routine in our Spring show.

4/5 Year old Ballet and Tap Combo Class

This class becomes more structured while still keeping all the fun of the 3/4 year old level!  We will Introduce your young dancer to basic ballet technique, continue using more proper ballet terminology and start spending time at the ballet barre all while continuing to foster a fun, creative atmosphere of discovery and learning.  The tap portion of this class continues to add to the foundation of basic tap steps and knowledge of rhythms.  This is a one hour class and dancers will perform one routine in our Spring show.

5/6 and 7/8 Year Old Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo Class

This class prepares the young dancer to transition to the classical protocol of proper ballet technique and exercises. The foundation of future ballet training is established here in this class.  In tap the dancers begin to work with more complicated rhythms, musicality, and percussion through movement. Various styles of jazz are explored to encourage rhythm, coordination and self-expression.  Dancers in the 5/6 level will perform two dances in our Spring Show.  Dancers in the 7/8 level will perform three routines, one for each discipline.

Tuesday Ballet Program Approximately age 9 and Older

Ballet is the foundation for all other dance forms. Classical training with an emphasis on strong technique, musicality, and the art of movement. We are proud to teach a combination of both the Cecchetti and American Ballet Theatre methods of ballet training.  The ABT® National Training Curriculum consists of a comprehensive set of age-appropriate, outcome-based guidelines to provide the highest quality ballet training to dance students of all ages and skill levels.  Students focus on improving alignment, strength, flexibility, coordination, style and basic understanding of all terms and concepts. All students advance on an individual basis, according to their dedication, ability and attitude.  Dancers new to the Tuesday ballet program will be placed in the appropriate ballet class at our Ballet Placement Day which takes place on September 14th.

Pre-Pointe and Pointe

Pointe is introduced at the intermediate ballet level.  Students must be deemed qualified by our lead ballet teacher, Ms. Jacque, in order to participate.  After a strong foundation is built in the Pre-Pointe class many students move on to regular Pointe class.

Tap/Jazz Combo class Approximate Age 9 and Older

The Tap/Jazz class must be taken along with a ballet class.  In tap class our dancers learn advanced percussive movements with lots of fun rhythm and syncopation!  At Center Stage we strive to produce good tap dancers who perform with control, speed and smoothness while learning proper terminology and counts.  In tap technique classes, the exercises and combinations directly develop a sense of coordination, body control, the rhythmic sense and detailed development of the feet.  Our jazz classes are stimulating, high energy, rhythmic and exhilarating!  Jazz is an exciting form of dance where the music stimulates  and motivates the movements.  Our jazz classes are based on the techniques of many wonderful dancers such as Gus Giordano.  Students will learn to isolate, jump, turn and really move in this great class!  Jazz is yet another class where your dancer will work on their strength and flexibility.

Hip Hop

Based on a funky jazz style based in street, funk and urban dance, students 7 years of age and up will learn how to dance like a pro.  High energy and kid-friendly (our music and moves are always age appropriate) with and emphasis on fun and musicality.


Our contemporary classes are based on the techniques of Martha Graham,  Jose Limon and Isadora Duncan to name a few.  At Center Stage our contemporary technique is grounded and engages the whole body in dramatic expression. It is offered in order to expose dancers to different movement forms and encourage creativity and expression in each student’s individual style.


Our acrobatics classes are offered to students 4 years of age and older.  Developing strength, flexibility, balance and coordination are the main focuses in this class which will carry over to all the classes a student is enrolled in.  Students start with the basics and advance to different tricks and tumbling passes.  Each student in this class can be working at their own level at their own pace.

Musical Theatre

Our Musical Theatre, or Theatre Jazz, class is a really fun class where your dancer will learn Jazz techniques often seen on the big stage.  Performance and acting skills are a part of this dance curriculum and the songs are always from our favorite Broadway Musicals to inspire and energize our students.  Your dancer will be moving like a Broadway star in no time at all!


The Excel program is by invitation only.  Any dancer in the junior or senior level taking ballet, tap and jazz can be considered for the Excel Team.  Excel is for the serious dancer who wants to strengthen and sharpen his/her skills.  This program is for those students who are willing to be challenged and dedicated both inside and outside the classroom.  Students who participate in this program dedicate a large portion of their time to the studio.  In addition to technique classes, these students will also hold extra rehearsals for choreography and performances.  Students in this program are required to take ballet, tap, jazz, excel and at least one other discipline of their choice.  The goal of this program is to produce a well rounded dancer who has been exposed to various styles of dance under the direction of several different teachers.

Our students have taken classes in swing, salsa, ballroom, modern, Broadway tap, Bollywood, Afro-Haitian and line dancing among others.   These students also participated in a self-defense course as part of their empowerment project.

The Excel team gives our dancers the chance to perform at many events within our community, dance in theme parks such as Disney and attend conventions.  Recent performances have included: Disney Performing Arts in Orlando and the nationally televised Orange Bowl half time show where the team performed live in front of 72,000 fans.  This is for the SERIOUS dancer who makes Center Stage their number one priority only!

Leveled Acro Classes Beginning 2024

Level 1 and 2 Classes: Beginner to intermediate skills to work on
~Rolls, forward and back
~Flexibility - splits and straddle
~Strength, control, alignment, technique

Level 3 and 4 Classes: Mastered Level 1 and 2 skills plus working on
~One handed cartwheel
~Handstand roll
~Elbow stand
~Chin stand
~Front Limber
~Front walkover
~Back bend kickover
~Heel stretch with balance
~One minute plank

Level 5 and 6 Classes- Advanced: Mastered Level 3 and 4 skills and working on
~Front handspring
~Back handspring
~Back tuck
~Back walkover tictok
~Hand stand balance variations
~Two minute plank and flexibility skills
~Performance skills - smooth transitions between dance and acro