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Center Stage Dance Boutique Now Open!

Please contact Denise at centerstage.danceboutique@gmail.com for any questions regarding dance apparel!

She is open for business at Center Stage on Tuesdays from 4-7 & Saturdays from 9-12


We miss you when you’re not here!  Your attendance is really importance to your teachers and the other dancers in your class.  Dance is a team sport and in order to gain as much knowledge, skill and practice time as possible, you need to be in class. If you are sick or have a conflict with a particular class, please call the studio to leave a message 617-328-8669 or email Ms. Laurie at centerstagequincy@comcast.net.

Dismissal:  Please let the Center Stage staff know if someone unknown to us will be picking your child up from dance class.  The younger children need to be dismissed to a parent, guardian or someone you have designated as safe and acceptable to us. Please let us know if any alternative plans are being made for your children including leaving with another parent for a play date. Your child’s safety is of the utmost importance to us.

Snow Days:  Please note that we will not necessarily be closed for snow days called by Quincy Public Schools.  Often the snow has stopped and the roads are safe to travel by the time our classes begin.  We will send an email message by 1:00pm letting you know if class has been cancelled and also post it on our facebook page as well.

Perfect Attendance:  Dancers are eligible for a perfect attendance trophy if they attend every regularly scheduled dance class. Extra rehearsals do not count towards your perfect attendance standing.  Dancers are allowed to make up no more than two missed classes and still be eligible for the perfect attendance trophy.

Vacation Schedule:  The studio will be closed during the December, February and April School vacations.  The yearly calendar can be found on this website.  We appreciate you keeping these dates in mind when you plan any family vacations.

Class Time Guarantee:  Center Stage guarantees we will offer a minimum of three classes each month.  Most months will have four classes and some will even have five depending on the calendar and day of the week you dance.  For example, if we have a short month and then a snow day hits, we will offer a make up class for your dancer.  Make up classes are not required and will not count towards a perfect attendance trophy but they are a great way to keep your skills moving forward!